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Volume 2, Issue 8
August 2, 2004

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3. Visions of the Future
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"I believe in the absolute oneness of God and therefore of humanity. What though we have many bodies? We have but one soul. The rays of the sun are many through refraction. But they have the same source." -- Mohandas Gandhi


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How We Might Get There?

*Any person who on a daily basis tries to reconcile the pressing needs of his or her family, career, and community with the inner urge to act each day somehow for global betterment, will find spiritual ancestors and some practical advice in one or more of these paths presented. Doug McGill presents these nine paths to Global Citizenship.

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3. Visions of the Future
by Eli Williamson-Jones

For as long as history has recorded, humanity has imagined life in the future. One of the oldest of these visions comes from the Bible. It describes in graphic detail the beginning of creation and end of the world as we know it. Even though it's a fiery ending full of destruction and death, it ends with a promise of global unity.

There are many other visions of humanity's future both bleak and beautiful. One of these visions that has been popularized in the last thirty years is from the Star Trek Universe. Like the Bible, it shows in detail what happens at the beginning of the cosmos and where humanity is headed.

The Star Trek timeline can be viewed at a page set up online by Marc Carlson at:

In this timeline we can see some key events as they relate to global unity. They are listed below:

2053 - WWIII - This war is bad enough that people are still recovering in 2123. 37 Million people are killed. [Riker says that 600 million people are killed, but this might be the difference between the deaths in the war itself, versus the deaths caused by the longer term effects. This war destroys many major cities, and causes "Nuclear Winters."

2079 - U.S. ceases to be 52 states. New United Nations has been abolished.

2113 - Having learned the lessons of the last World War, the first united Earth government is established. Australia is the only nation that declines membership.

2130 - Starfleet is founded/chartered/established on Earth, presumably as an arm of the Earth Government.

2150 - World Government is formed of nation-states and planetary coalitions. Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government.

2161 - United Federation of Planets founded. Starfleet is chartered. Starfleet Academy founded. The Federation has a Constitution with a Bill of Rights containing certain "Guarantees." Both Earth and Vulcan are charter members.

If the Star Trek vision of our future comes true, we will have to wait 109 years before our world unites. We will also have to endure a horrible third world war where millions are killed in nuclear attacks.

In both the Biblical and Star Trek vision of our future, peace between humanity isn't achieved until after incalculable suffering and tumult takes place. The vast majority of humans are typically attracted to movies where drama and conflict keep the hero from barely surviving in the end. With mainstream human nature stuck on a path of woe, would it be possible for us to imagine a scenario where humanity, as hero, unites through means that don't require violent death to millions of people and the possibility of another dark age? With the vast numbers of weapons of mass destruction waiting in the hands of western nations and terrorists itching to use them against each other, such a peaceful scenario seems impossible, but we should at least try. If we as these victims of this nightmare nuclear holocaust could see our future fate, surely we would work hard to avoid it.



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