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Volume 1, Issue 4
December 1, 2003

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3. Bad News for the Ozone Layer
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"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and
probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in
hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded
will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing,
asserting itself with ever-growing insistency." --Daniel Burnham,
architect of first skyscraper, 1864-1912



One of the purposes of World Beyond Borders is to empower on-the-ground activists by providing information and resources. This month, we are introducing two new features we hope will help you. The first is a new mailing list for World Beyond Borders participants -- people working to promote human unity, world citizenship and global government. Some belong to organized groups; others do not. All can use this list to share ideas, coordinate projects, discuss results and support one another. To subscribe, send a blank email to

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We also have two new articles. By section, they are:

Why Global Government?
*"The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings: A Mythology of Ending All War" by Eli Williamson-Jones looks at movies that have become modern myths. What do these films tell us about our society and about ending war?

What Might It Look Like?
*"The Anatomy of Peace: Conventional Constitutional Conservatism" by Alexander Madison Fleming. The author has been Professor of Earth Politics at the University of New Washington at Mars North (UNWMN) since 2185. He was Chair of the United Earth Centennial Committee (2169) and served on the New Mars Union constitutional committee (2179-80).

Please send article ideas or submissions to Jane Shevtsov,



by Eli Williamson-Jones

Last month, talks between the United States and the rest of the world concerning the Montreal Protocol broke down in Nairobi, Kenya. The Montreal Protocol is a treaty that curtails the world's use of ozone-depleting chemicals, most famously CFCs but also the even more destructive pesticide methyl bromide. The Bush administration is threatening to ignore the treaty's provisions if its demands for higher usage of the chemical are not sanctioned. Even after the European Union offered a compromise that would provide farmers with the same amounts of the pesticide as they had used a year earlier, delegates from the U.S. refused. Apparently this wasn't enough for the nation which already accounts for a quarter of the world's use of the chemical.

It has been argued that the Bush administration is moving forward with such environmentally hostile actions in order to win the electoral vote of Florida which is desperately needed in a reelection. Strawberry growers in Florida are consequently large users of methyl bromide and may not support Bush if they can't continue using the pesticide.

Although the ozone hole is expected to heal in about fifty years, scientists say that the danger to the ozone layer persists. As a result of the dissonance created over the Montreal Protocol in Nairobi, another meeting will be held in Montreal, Canada during March 24th through the 26th of next year. The question is how the world community will deal with the threat to the ozone layer that protects us and the treaty that protects the ozone layer.

For more information:
Common Dreams, Geoffrey Lean, "Ozone Layer 'Sacrificed' to Lift Bush's Re-Election Prospects",

EPA ozone depletion site,

Grist Magazine, Kathryn Schultz, "The Loophole in the Ozone Layer",



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