The Anatomy of Peace: Conventional Constitutional Conservatism by Alexander Madison Fleming. The author has been Professor of Earth Politics at the University of New Washington at Mars North (UNWMN) since 2185. He was Chair of the United Earth Centennial Committee (2169) and served on the New Mars Union constitutional committee (2179-80).
What a United World Will Look Like: A Dialogue with Eli Williamson-Jones
The Preliminary Draft of a World Constitution, written in 1947-1948 by a group of prominent intellectuals, presents one design for a democratic global government. The document's primary purpose is to provoke thought.
Proposed World Constitutions on Other Websites
Space, World Government, and 'The End of History'" by Ian Crawford Could a peaceful united world avoid stagnation? The author, an astronomer, thinks space exploration provides a way out and makes the case that space exploration on a large scale could only be carried out by a global government.
Confrontation or Cooperation? by Bill Clinton The U.S. former president looks at federation as a good idea that could advance our humanity in the smaller world of the 21st century. This is a rare thing -- a lively essay about the idea of federalism.
From the Great Rehearsal: The Story of Making and Ratifying the Constitution of the United States by Carl van Doren Van Doren takes a close look at the most momentous chapter in American history.