World Beyond Borders

The first step toward building a world beyond borders is talking to one another. In this section of World Beyond Borders, you will find opportunities for creativity, sharing and debate. Please be respectful -- and be inspired.

Projects, Past and Present Tell us about projects you are working on or have already completed. Anything from the 1940s onward is fair game.
Earth Flag and Anthem Contest
Terran Times Imagine a newspaper from the year 2100. Now write it! Terran Times is an interactive web page anybody can edit.
WBB Action is for folks working toward a world beyond borders by promoting human unity, world citizenship and the idea of global government. Some belong to organized groups; others do not. All can use this list to share ideas, coordinate projects, discuss results and support one another. Enter your email to join WBB Action today!


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General Discussion Board Ask questions, plan strategies and get to know some of your fellow world citizens here.
Global Government Pros and Cons Discussion Board Debate reasons to support or oppose global government here.

World Beyond Borders is devoted to promoting the next step in humanity's social evolution. We seek to help build a peaceful world under the single banner of one united human family.

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