"But we who feel the weight of the wheel
when winter falls over out world
can hope for tomorrow and raise our eyes
to a silver moon in the opened skies
and a single flag unfurled"
--Leslie Fish, "Hope Eyrie"

The year is 2019. The spaceship has been traveling for nine mannish. Finally, it lands, the hatch opens and a spacesuited astronaut from the international crew steps out to plant the flag of planet Earth in the rusty Martian soil.

What does that flag look like?

World Beyond Borders is holding a contest for the design of an Earth flag and anthem. These should express the reality of an interdependent Earth and the ideal of a unified humanity. Further submission guidelines are listed below.

We will select five flag finalists and five anthem finalists. Their ideas will then be voted on by World Beyond Borders visitors. We will use the winning flag and anthem to share the vision of a unified Earth.

Submission Requirements

Send questions to

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